‘I can do anything. I skydive. I can write books…I’m a concert pianist. I teach piano and guitar. I’m a mom of three incredible kids. I have a great job here at Nordstrom. I’m also a felon. I spent eight years at Utah State Prison for arson. I’ve redone my life and I’m writing a book about it. The hardest part of being in prison was missing every holiday and missing my kids growing up. I did a lot of soul-searching and they put us through a lot of classes…anger management, learning boundaries, basic communication skills, substance abuse skills…things like that. I’ve found that people have good in them no matter who they are, for the most part, even when they’re in prison. There are strange and weird people there, but there’s good in every person. I saw people there reforming their lives…coming from nothing…coming from foster care, from no parental support, no family support…and making something of their lives. Everything in life is either a blessing or a lesson. Inside, I’m a better person for my experiences. But I don’t let being a felon define me. I let it refine me.’

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