‘I came out when I was fourteen. I grew up Mormon and was very sheltered in a Mormon family. So, I thought I was the only one out there and didn’t believe there was anyone I could ever talk to about being gay. It took me three years to truly come out but it wasn’t completely my decision. My mother caught me looking at what she would call an unapproved website and confronted me about it. I love my mother to death but she’s not very good with her words. She came to me one day and asked me, ‘Dale, are you a faggot?’ Knowing my mother, I didn’t take offense but I knew I had to talk to her about it. Because of how I grew up, I tried to closet it and I told her no…I’ll try to be whatever you want me to be. That lasted maybe two months and I finally came to her and told her I’m gay and this is who I am and she said, ‘I love you no matter what you are and that’s all I care about.’ Since then, I’ve had total support from my family. I think, with all that has been accomplished in our community, that even though we have equality in marriage now, it’s still questioned and looked down upon and still not approved by a lot of people. It’s one step to be able to say we can get married but it’s another step to be recognized as a married couple by everyone. That’s the ground I think we still have to cover.’


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