‘My family has been involved with the Utah Foster Care program for my entire life. We’ve had different foster children come and stay with us for long periods of time. We still do that and we’re here to support this festival. For me, if I try to imagine what foster children feel like, I think I would want just the security of knowing where I am and that I can be there tomorrow and have my needs met. I think, for them, the most important thing we can do for foster children is to just love them. We have to realize that they may not have felt loved. As a family, we’ve kept in touch with a few of the foster kids that have come into our home. We actually adopted one girl and boy, so they’re my sister and brother now. I’ve also thought about continuing this tradition when I go out into the world. I would like to have a home where people who need it can come to for refuge and to prepare for whatever life has in store for them.’

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