‘Inequality in the world is a big struggle. Two billion people in the world are starving. Twenty per cent of the world is consuming eighty per cent of the world’s resources and one per cent of the population has control over sixty per cent of the wealth in the world. I’m from Serbia and I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. I grew up in an impoverished environment and I had the good fortune to come to this country to live comfortably. In the entire world, there are people who are struggling and who are poor and there are people, like here, who don’t have to struggle as much. I came here with most of my family. I try to help my immediate family as much as I can. My circumstances are such that I can influence the lives of people I care about. My oldest brother still lives in Serbia and we bring him here every summer and he stays with us for a month or two. I send him money any time I can. I might not be changing his life with material things, but we still have a very strong emotional connection and, no matter what, I’m always there for him. I was very lucky to come here but I still think about the people I left behind who are not as lucky and I wonder why can’t they have the same quality of life? Just because I got out of it doesn’t mean that that’s where the story ends. This planet can support every single human being on it to the point where we can all be comfortable. There are people out there with more wealth than they can ever spend and others are struggling with less than a dollar a day. I think we can all do better.

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