‘I’ve been married for a year. My husband is the kindest soul I’ve ever known. He does the small and little things that might not mean much by themselves, but when you put them together, they add up. He takes the pressure out of my life and I think of him as a safety net. I think, when you’re alone, you don’t really have an emotional safety net and, I think, being able to talk to someone at the end of the day, even about the smallest things that happened at work…they might not be important, but it’s nice to have someone who knows what you’re going through. Marriage is a lot harder than people talk about. Learning to let a person into your life is something I’ve been doing. You might not think about that when you’re dating, but letting that person see you at your worst and at your best…and being able to be open and honest with them about your life…makes it worth it.’

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