‘I’m a firefighter and EMT. Being a firefighter gives you a perspective on life…that life is really short and that you can die at anytime. It’s unfortunate but I’ve picked up a lot of dead people off the road or from suicide or whatever it is. I’ve seen people in bad health in one way or another. You learn that life is pretty precious and that you should live each day to the best because tomorrow could be taken from you, and not even necessarily because of your decisions…it could be someone else’s decisions that take your life. In spite of all that, I have no trouble staying positive. When I arrive on a scene and someone is injured…all we do is everything we can to help. It makes you realize that that same thing could have happened to you. It makes you approach every day with a little more zest and a lot more gratitude. As a firefighter, kids love us. We give speeches at their schools and they come to the station on field trips and we’re their heroes and that’s nice but I’m just doing my job and I get more thanks than I think I could ever deserve. Of course, in the heat of the moment when you’re saving a life, or transporting someone, or doing CPR, or bandaging a wound, you don’t think about gratitude or even want thanks because you’re just doing your job. It still means a lot, though, at the end of the day.’

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