‘I struggle with very severe PTSD and depression. I was raped last December and I was molested when I was younger. I’ve had a hard time with getting over fears and trying to become comfortable with who I am. But, I am a survivor. I’m going through life one day at a time. I am the trees around me and I’m the grass under my feet. My mom has helped me with my therapy and to come so far from something so terrible to being able to talk to a stranger like you proves that I’m going to make it. Strangers have no idea what’s going on. That’s why I think we really should talk to each other. For me to shut you out because of my personal issues is not fair to not give you a chance because you could turn out to be the nicest person I’ve ever met. To still look at everyone as an opportunity to learn in spite of anything bad that’s happened and to become something greater because of it is really important to me.’


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