‘I’m Ben McAdams, mayor of Salt Lake County, and we’re kicking off Welcoming Week for our refugees. We’re talking about how Salt Lake City can better welcome them. This is an issue that I’ve been particularly passionate about because I think this is a clear win-win. We have people coming to Utah seeking safety and refuge and our doors are wide open to them. It makes us a richer and more culturally interesting and diverse community and we’re so happy to have refugees coming here. They’re coming here seeking opportunity and we want to help them to connect to those opportunities, whether it be employment, education, safety for their families…and helping them to hold on to their cultural heritage while, at the same time, taking advantage of the many great things Utah has to offer and, in the process, making our community a better and more interesting place to live. Refugees need to know that there are resources out there for whatever challenges they may be facing. We can connect them to training for jobs, English language skills, health care. Just reach out to us at Welcoming Salt Lake and we’d love to hear what their issues and challenges are and how we as a community can help them address their needs.’

So, Salt Lakers! The Salt Lake County Mayor’s office reached out to me to participate in capturing and sharing the stories of refugees from far away places who have come to Utah to rebuild and recreate their lives here. I am honored and humbled to be involved in such a warm and welcoming effort to help these amazing people to know that they are welcome in and vital to our community! Please join me in getting to know the people I photograph over the next couple of weeks or so and in making them part of the cultural tapestry of Salt Lake City! #welcomingsaltlake47

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