‘I am originally from Somalia. I came here as a refugee thanks to my late father. He came here first and then brought six of us in 2010. Now, I work with schools as a youth advocate. At the same time, I work with the International Rescue Committee to resettle new immigrants and refugees. They and Catholic Community Services work on resettling refugees. We really enjoy the reception of Salt Lake City. We are co-mingling very nicely and in a good way with the community. Most of our people enjoy the area very much. The saying goes that home is home even if it’s in a cave. So, sure, I miss Somalia. We pray for quick resolution to the governmental issues there. My father decided to leave because of the civil war in Somalia. Even now, it’s still not settled even though they have a transitional government. The main reason my late dad wanted to come here is because my oldest sister came here first. Then she applied for all of us to be able to come. Some of us were left behind and it took five years for the rest of us to come together again. All in all, and finally, we were reunited on May 27, 2010. That is a very special day for us here in Utah.’ #welcomingsaltlake

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