‘There was a lot of civil war in Congo, where I’m from. I went to a refugee camp in Cameroon. I had to leave because of political issues. The government thought we were connected with the rebels of the Tutsi tribe. So many people have been killed for that and that’s why the United Nations stepped in and got us to Cameroon. Anyway, in an interview, I was told that Salt Lake City was the best place to live. I had seven children at that time and we were alone…I was told that single mothers in Salt Lake City could do well. Here, I have community and friends. I’ve been in Salt Lake City for sixteen years. I don’t miss Congo even though it would be nice to visit. I don’t need Congo. Salt Lake City is and will always be my home. I love the mountains here and I love how people here are so friendly and how churches are so involved with the refugee communities. We are friendly people and we’re easy to get to know. We love to sing and dance and dress up. These colors that I’m wearing now show that I’m now a proud and happy married woman.’ #welcomingsaltlake



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