‘The United Nations had to send fifteen thousand troops into Sierra Leone to bring security and stability. The war there was brutal with rebels overtaking the city where I was living. They came with mayhem…killing people…setting homes on fire…total destruction. They wanted to take over the government, so there was total breakdown and we had to protect ourselves. People had to go underground. Plus, the war that was going on in Liberia spilled over into my country. The rebels had access to diamonds from Liberia and they’d cross the borders with ammunition. There was no law or order and nobody to protect people from them, so we had to leave.

Now, things are better. People are safe now. I have my family here but my mother and some of my siblings are still in Sierra Leone. The war is over and, even if it’s slow to do, I hope to bring them here to Salt Lake City, too.’ #welcomingsaltlake42

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