‘I am a citizenship and case work intern with the International Rescue Committee. I teach the classes that help refugees answer the questions on the citizenship test they have to take and pass to become citizens and I file paperwork for the caseworkers. It’s amazing how many United States citizens don’t know the answers to these questions. A lot of our volunteers didn’t know all the answers until they started working with the IRC…and it’s amazing what these refugees have to know to become citizens when we just take it for granted. Usually, these are people whose lives have been uprooted in some awful or terrible way in their own countries. Only one per cent of refugees get accepted into the refugee program in the United States. So to them, it’s really an honor to be accepted. I think the best word I can use to describe them is ‘grateful.’ They are so grateful and willing to learn. They take time out of their day to come to our classes because they do want to become citizens so badly. They want to be civically involved. They have more passion about that than most of the people in Utah that I’ve met. They have seen such horrors and atrocities that they see the United States as their best place and that is something that we, here, really seem to take for granted.’ #welcomingsaltlake

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