‘I’m from Puerto Rico and I came to the United States in 1969. I came with my aunt and brothers and sisters. I was raised in Brooklyn, New York. It was a struggle because none of us spoke English and my aunt couldn’t read or write. We struggled financially and going to school in English was really hard at first. But, we made it. We worked hard but we lived on welfare for a while at the time. I was able to learn English and I had a wonderful teacher who totally focused on me and she helped me to learn the language and she instilled in me a desire to learn to read. Now, I love to read, thanks to her. We used to come visit Utah in the summers and to see friends. My husband got sick and was diagnosed with ALS and he decided that he wanted to spend whatever time he had left in Utah instead of New York. So, we packed our stuff and moved here. He spent six months here and then passed away. We decided to make this home. We’ve been here nine years now. All my grandchildren were born here. I work with Comunidades Unidas/Communities United and I totally love it. We work with the community to provide health and immigration services and that’s how I like to give back.’ #welcomingsaltlake


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