‘I work at the Salt Lake City Mayor’s office as a liaison for the refugee community. I work directly with refugees and part of my job is to connect refugees in the state with resources that the city has with employment and education…helping them to understand their legal rights and to be a part of the community through integration. I manage a volunteer program with the city where we match refugees that have been here for two years with an American family or other volunteers. The intent is for them to build friendships and to network and to connect through cultural exchange activities. They don’t just get assimilated…they really are integrated into our society. I am always out in the community running events and helping with workshops, so I’m well known. Many refugees contact me directly for help. I, myself, was born in Somalia and lived in Kenya until I was nine when I came to the United States. It was a new lifestyle and great changes of opportunity with work and education. Here, one really can be oneself and have little or no worries or fears of something bad or scary happening to you for no unfair reason.’ #welcomingsaltlake

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