‘I’m a freelance florist here in Salt Lake City. It’s called Flowers for Susie. It’s named after my grandmother who just recently passed away from lung cancer. She had such a love for flowers and that’s why I included her in my business. She also loved animals her entire life and she told us, as she was dying, that, instead of people giving flowers for her funeral or to the family, she wanted people to donate money to the animal shelters. I’ve been thinking of a way to honor my grandmother and give back to the community, so I came up with an idea to make crowns of flowers for dogs and to photograph them in the hopes of helping them find good and loving homes.’

So, Salt Lakers!

This is my new friend, Maddi…she contacted me several weeks back and invited me to photograph dogs in a local animal shelter with crowns of flowers she’d made. We partnered with the Utah Animal Adoption Center at 1955 N. Redwood Road in North Salt Lake and captured the stories of some of the dogs that are being cared for there. So, this week, I will be sharing their portraits and stories with all the information one could ask for on how to give these sweet animals a good home. Stay tuned!

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