‘The most important thing I’ve discovered is that I can have a positive relationship without having to worry anymore. I’ve been married for six years now and I’m always working on our relationship. My husband, Jeff, keeps me grounded. He isn’t afraid to tell me I’m getting a little crazy or that I’m having a bad moment and to make me sit down, relax, and calm down. He’s really my rock. One time, I needed a new pair of shoes. He bought me a pair of shoes and he hid them in the washing machine. Then he said that he thought the laundry needed to be done, so I walked in and found the shoes. When I start to get a little crazy, he brings me back to earth. He does all kinds of little things to make me laugh. I’ve found out that I can stick with something now and pursue it and achieve it, whereas before, I was always doubting myself. I’ve held a job now for almost three years straight. I’ve gotten into photography and into connecting with people, animals, and objects…and I’m happy knowing I’m human again.’

Part 3 of 3



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