‘I was in the ER, about a month ago, after getting jumped by about eight people. At the same time, my dad’s girlfriend was in the hospital, too. He chose to come see me instead of going to visit her for once. It was nice that he chose me over her because he hasn’t usually done that before and I really felt loved by him in that moment. It really was awesome because there’s friction between me and his girlfriend. I love my dad and I want him to be happy and if this girl makes him happy, I say he’s free to have at it. When I was in high school, there was a video I saw of a girl talking about family. Family stands for Forget About Me, I Love You. My dad and I aren’t that close and sometimes, I can’t see him as much as I’d like. He’s not only my dad, but when we’re together, we can laugh and have fun. It would be nice to think of him as my best friend. But that isn’t always realistic so I’m moving on and getting my life started. I’m not waiting for anything. I just got a job serving the meat at Tucano’s. I’m just gonna keep going.’

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