‘My fifteen year old son recently hung himself from the top of an amplifier I gave him. I drink my whiskey when remembering him gets too hard. I’ve learned from it, though, that life is precious and short. I’d like the world to remember my son for his kindness and for the fact that he stood up to bullies. I think he hung himself because he was different. He was half Mexican and half white and, ironically, he was bullied, too. I want to tell the world that, when it comes to suicide, there’s always another option. If someone wants to kill themselves, for God’s sake, there are other options. You can get on a bus and go to San Francisco and become a hippie…you can do something else to change your life, whatever it is, and be happy. If you don’t like what’s going on in your life, you don’t have to live with it…or, at least, you don’t have to live with it forever. Change it, take control of it, and make it better. Suicide leaves a forever emptiness that answers to no one.’12

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