‘Our new Homeless Youth Resource Center has been open for six months. We offer overnight emergency shelter, food, clothes, and opportunities to work towards self-sufficiency. I’ve seen a young man who used to come into our old center on State Street and we never got a chance to really interact with him. He was kind of stand-off-ish but he came and got a few things and left quickly. Since we opened our new shelter, he’s been staying here. He’s gotten some decent sleep and good food. Now, he’s engaged with us…he’s talking with us more openly and working on school and employment. When I see magic like that happening…and when I see changes in the youth, I’m reminded that all the planning and all the work is worth it. Their lives, hopefully, will be changed forever for the better and, for me, to be a part of it brings me hope and the desire to help many, many more people.’


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