Part 3 of 4

‘What have I done with my life? I’ve made a difference in the LGBT community. I was one of the original members of the LGBT Business Forum for a very conservative bank here in Salt Lake City. I worked there for eight years and I helped them to bring light to a network of diversity. I was on the original board of directors for the Utah Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. I’ve worked with the Utah AIDS Foundation and the Utah Pride Center. The list goes on and on...

I’m now with a larger financial organization and, within nine months of my start there, I was running their Pride network. As a successful gay man in Salt Lake City, I was recently invited to a business-to-business meet and greet to talk about tolerance…and I said, ‘No, I will never use the word tolerance…unless I’m talking about a bad hair day that I’m going to tolerate. But I will talk about acceptance, inclusion, and diversity.’ I am so tired of people tolerating things that are different from them instead of embracing the differences that make us all better people. That’s a huge shift…to see these executives backing and supporting that kind of initiative. In hindsight and in foresight, we have been able to do amazing things and we are making a difference.’

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