‘Being social is a challenge. I struggle to talk to people and if there’s too many people around me, I get really bad anxiety. There’s a festival going on at the Leonardo and I wanted to go to see my girlfriend but I couldn’t. There were just too many people there so I’m here sitting. It’s very paralyzing. You don’t know how to move and you don’t want to look at or talk to people. It’s better sometimes to just sit alone and be still. Sometimes, it feels like you don’t belong. When there’s lot of people around and everyone’s having fun or doing their own thing, sometimes it feels like I shouldn’t be there or that I don’t want to be there. When I have to be out there, I usually try to find one person I can stick to and hang out with them. I might warm up after a little while but I kind of need that one person because it doesn’t work when I’m alone. I have found that I can do what I have to do. Some days are harder than others…but I still find the strength to keep going, even if I don’t know where it’s coming from.’


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