Dear Salt Lakers

My heart is heavy tonight as I have just learned that this man, Brady Shepherd, who I photographed in September of 2015 at the Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention, was himself killed in a car accident last week. I am reposting his story because it needs to be read again and again. We all have the power inside of us to make the most of the time we have and to make a DIFFERENCE with that time and Brady did exactly that…

‘I lost my sister to suicide seven years ago. We couldn’t find any reason in her personal belongings about why she ended her life, so, we started an organization called No Story Left Untold to get people to share their stories and let them know that they can talk about whatever they need to and that they’re not by themselves. We’ve discovered that, when it comes to suicide, people don’t believe they can talk about it and when they see our booth, they’re surprised that we want them to talk about it and we want to hear their stories and to know and share their struggles so they know they’re not alone. Furthermore, just because a person is gone, for whatever reason, doesn’t mean their story has to end.’

Brady’s life may be over…but his story and the differences he made in the lives of his family, friends, and people like me, that he touched in such a positive way…will go on. Please look out for each other. If you see someone who you think might be in emotional trouble, for GOD’s SAKE…reach out and do it without hesitation. You never know when you might save a life.

There’s a donation account that has been set up at America First Credit Union to help Brady’s wife and children. Please consider helping this amazing man’s family get through a terrible loss. A hero such as this deserves everyone’s love and support!

Thank you!

Humans of Salt Lake City


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