‘Back in the fifties, when I was a kid, my grandfather had a pine tree by the side of his house that dropped hundreds of little pine cones. My dad was a wanderer and we moved around a lot in those days. When we visited my grandfather once, I remember picking up a whole bunch of those pine cones and taking them with me when we moved to other places. We moved all over the country and, when we’d stop, I’d find a place to plant a few of those pine cones. I even kept a notebook of where and when I had planted them. Now, whenever I make my way across country and get to revisit some of the places I lived when I was a kid, I can see the trees that have grown from those pine cones. I visited my grandfather’s old place a few years back and the original pine tree is gone now. Even though we didn’t have much that was constant or dependable back then, that old pine tree has children all over this country and so, it goes on. I think it’s nice that, sometimes, you can take something away, carry it with you for a while, and then leave it behind for the future to enjoy.’

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