‘I’ve just gone through a divorce after being married for ten years and a four-year-old. I learned that I was co-dependent which was hard for me because I went through a period of time where I really needed to be with someone. Through therapy and being forced to be away from her, I was actually able to rediscover myself and learn that I don’t need anyone…and that I need to first love myself so that I can then love her. I went through a hard childhood without knowing my biological father so I felt a lot of abandonment all the way through my teens. I was always looking for acceptance from other people. By being by myself, I realized that I don’t need acceptance from anyone and that I really just need to accept myself first. I found out by serving and loving other people, that that’s what I love about myself the most because I’ve always had the desire and the ability to serve others. That helped to kill the co-dependency and I learned that it was OK to be alone and to redirect into serving others. So, I learned to love myself and also focused on my fatherhood and being a better father. She then re-fell in love with me and now we’re thinking about getting re-married.feb24

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