‘I’m a student at the University of Utah and I’m a lobbyist on Capitol Hill. I’m working to get House Bills 200 and 251 passed. 200 is for sexual assault kit processing and 251 is for sexual assault confidentiality on campus. The funding is a problem. When people are sexually assaulted, these kits are used for testing and swabbing. Sexual assault happens…and it’s not realistic to expect that it won’t happen. The state needs to step up and fund these kits so that victims of sexual assault can provide law enforcement with the evidence needed to charge and prosecute those who commit this kind of crime. As for confidentiality, we all know how humiliating and embarrassing being a victim of sexual assault can be. It’s hard enough to have to go through all the dirty details but it’s made worse when it has to be made public. Victims should be entitled to a measure of privacy, too.’


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