Dear Salt Lakers…

You know, it’s curious that I spend so much of my time out there in the streets of our city talking to, photographing, and learning from total strangers…and expecting and hoping that they’ll open their souls to me and share the beauty inside with me and the world. In the few years that I’ve been working on this project, people have definitely opened up to me. The irony is that I’ve always thought, if a stranger were to approach me with a camera and ask to know more about me, I would be quite leery and probably decline. Well, I suppose that’s not fair. So, to share a little about yours truly…here goes:

I sometimes look up into the sky and wonder about the random tumblers of time that clicked just into place for ME to be doing this project, out of hundreds and thousands of people who could probably do it so much better than I. Maybe it’s because when I’m out there talking to people, I can forget about the things that bother me for a while. I can put aside my own worries and fears, and focus on someone else, whether it’s to uplift with just my attention, or to validate just by listening, or to inspire just by exchanging thoughts and ideas. In any case, I’m blessed to have an amazing and supportive wife and daughter and friends all over the world. I’m so grateful I get to do this project. It gives me a sense of validation and self-worth and I’m going to keep working on it for as long as I possibly can.

Thanks for staying tuned!

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