‘My dog died so I rescued a couple of coonhounds at an adoption event. When you see how they react to having a permanent home and you know that they know they’re loved…as that evolves and everyone gets comfortable with each other, there’s nothing more wonderful. To see a creature connect with you on a loving level that they’ve never experienced before is something you can’t measure. I found outthat my younger dog was part of a hunting pack and had hunted mountain lion and bear. She ended up in a shelter for some reason and her ears had been branded and so, in my opinion, there was some abuse. I guess it’s a common practice to brand a dog’s ears. The bigger dog was adopted at an early age. He grew out of his cuteness and just became a dog. When that happened, the owner couldn’t keep him so I got the chance to bring him home. They bring me a lot of health and exercise because we run a good two miles a day and when they cuddle with me at night, that brings me all kinds of joy.’

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