Dear Salt Lakers!

Today, I had the extraordinary honor and privilege to meet Brandon Stanton, the founder and creator of Humans of New York, in Kingsbury Hall at the University of Utah. I only had a few moments to take his portrait and ask him this question:

With all that you have learned and seen and shared to prove that we, as humans, all have so much in common, what is it about humanity that still perplexes you? Said he…

‘I always thought that social media would bring us all closer together. I thought it would be a revolution to help people reach across borders and communicate in a way that didn’t involve gatekeepers and government and media. It’s kind of had the opposite effect. Populist leaders are taking control all over the world. We still have a lot of fear and hatred of each other. So, I guess the thing that still surprises me is how durable the darker side of humanity is. There’s a race between the lighter and the darker side of humanity.’

I hope that the efforts of the worldwide “Humans of” movement, in all of its facets, continue to prove that we can win that race Brandon spoke of on the side of light, love, and peace. If I may say so, I think the Humans projects do, indeed, bring us closer to being more understanding and accepting of one another and even if we still have a long way to go, we’re going in the right direction.

My best to you all!

Humans of Salt Lake City


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