‘I saved my mother’s life once. She was drowning in the ocean. We were in Hawaii and there were really big waves. I like the water and I’m comfortable in the water. I’ve swam for years and years on a team. But my mother has gotten older and she has auto-immune disease so she’s not able to swim as much as she used to. She got in the water and she got carried out by the current and the waves. We were a short distance from each other and I remember I got this feeling that I should look to my left and I saw that she was going under the water…like she was trying to stand on something that wasn’t there. I swam to her so fast and as I reached her, her head was already under the water, I pulled her up to the top and she gasped for air. Her eyes weren’t even there…it was as if I was looking into eyes that didn’t contain a person. They weren’t her eyes. She told me after that she was afraid I was going to drown too and that she really thought she was going to die. I got her to the shore and the lifeguards took over. I just sat there and it was the most tired I have ever been. She was really quiet and grateful that first night, but the next day and after, we kind of laughed about it. That’s what we do in our family in the face of our challenges. We laugh.’

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