‘I attend the K2 Church in Murray. It’s non-denominational. Our whole vibe is ‘come as you are.’ We accept people no matter what they believe. We hope they want to believe what’s in the Bible but even if they don’t, we’re glad to teach what the Bible has to say. I’m on the arts team. We’re getting ready for Easter and to celebrate the Lord by rocking out to the tune of Jesus in a casual way. People can just walk in and join us in celebrating their relationship with Christ. We‘re kind of weird. We serve coffee and we have loud music. People sometimes say it’s like a concert but all we’re doing is finding joy in how awesome God, Jesus, and the Bible are.

We have a specific ministry for our homeless population. We love broken people and even though we’re not here to fix anyone, we do try to show how Jesus can fix everything. He is the one to fix broken hearts so we’re here to be a vessel to share the love of Jesus with people. People really connect to our message. The world needs love and peace. I have a broken heart for people who suffer and who struggle around the world and we believe that love and community really are what can bring people together and mend the brokenness of the world.’

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