‘We were living here in Salt Lake City at the time that my mother passed away. In January, my sister came home from college and we went to go visit my mom at her work. We chatted with her for a few minutes because we didn’t want to keep her from work and we left. Everything about her was completely normal. About ten minutes later, my dad called me and told me to go back to my mom. Something had happened. When we got there, the ambulance was there. She had had a hemorrhagic stroke out of the clear blue. We followed them to the hospital and, when we got there, she was gone. There was no warning. There was no chance to even say good-bye.

She was such a warm and beautiful person. She cared about everybody whether they were family or stranger. If you were in trouble, she would try her best to help you. She would stand by you and make sure you’re OK. When I think of her, I think of roses. She was such a pretty lady and roses remind me of her. She also loved crabs and she and I are both Cancers. It’s going to be a lot different without her. It’s hard to think about because we had such a strong bond. Whenever I had a hard question, I would always go to my mom and, even though I have my dad, for some things, I still wonder, when I have hard questions about life and the future, who am I going to turn to now?’

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