‘I recently took my three kids and my baby to the grocery store to get six items. It was so difficult and I was worried about how they’d behave but I thought, ‘I only need six items. I can do this with four kids age five and under. I really can do this.’ So, I went in and it was a wreck. The kids started running around and grabbing things. They were just being kids and it really was hard for me to get my six items. It was just a disaster as we were checking out. The kids were all over the place. As we were leaving the store in complete chaos, a little girl came up to me and handed me some flowers. I looked up to see where she came from and I caught her mom’s eyes and she said, ‘those are for you.’

As a mom, it’s hard to maintain your patience when your kids are crazy and aren’t listening to you. It was so nice to have a stranger who’s probably been through the same thing realize that they have a second that they can use to help and can do something to brighten someone else’s day. It ended up brightening my whole day and I was able to keep going.

You’d think that would be the end of the story. As we were approaching my car, my son got his finger stuck in the grocery cart and he started crying and I was trying to console him and I thought, ‘here we go again!’ As the kids got into the car and I was trying to take care of my son’s finger, our grocery car started to roll away. A man was pulling up and he jumped out of his car and grabbed the cart. He offered to hold it for me while I got the kids loaded in.

I was not just noticed once, I was noticed twice and it really made my day to realize that there are angels out there who are watching out for us even if we don’t know it. We’re here not just for our own personal gain but to help others. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to reach out to help others but I try to keep my eyes open for someone who needs a little thing eve if it’s as simple as holding a shopping cart. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make someone’s day. It might not mean much to you but it means a lot to the person you’re helping.’

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