‘I’m twenty-three years old and I have a fifty to seventy-percent hearing loss. It’s been this way since I was born. I had to take speech classes and learn to read lips. The challenge that I and a lot of people with hearing loss face is that it’s hard because there’s just not a lot of accommodation for what we go through. The deaf culture is very inclusive and understands hearing loss at every level. At the same time, it’s hard to explain to the hearing world and to make people grasp exactly what a particular hearing disability is like. Some people have a little hearing loss, others have more, others just need you to enunciate clearly, and some need American Sign Language. When my friends find out about my hearing loss, they automatically conclude, sometimes, that they need to know ASL to communicate with me and, believe it or not, I don’t know ASL. I might let someone know I have a hearing loss but I’m also just as quick to let them know I’m just as human as they are and want to be treated just like they do.

I put on music shows and concerts that cater to both the deaf and the hearing. A lot of people don’t go to the show because the word ‘deaf’ is in the title. What they don’t realize is that the use of that word is just to let the deaf know that the show is just as much for them as it is for hearing people. The deaf culture feels unwanted, sometimes, when it comes to music. Just because a person can’t hear doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy music. We use LED displays to help them ‘see’ the music and, believe me, when they see the music, I know they can feel it, too. I’ve taken my hearing loss and become who I am because of it. I’m a musician and a producer of music. The deaf culture needs someone to speak for them and to show the world that we’re all normal in one way or another. I’ve come to appreciate my disability because without it, I just wouldn’t be me. I could be just another deaf person if I wanted to be, but I throw these concerts because no one else thinks about it. I know this is something the deaf culture wants and I’m out there to prove it.

My next show is on May 12, 2017 at Sky SLC from 930pm til 130am. It’s at 149 West Pierpont Avenue in Salt Lake City. I will be performing along with a couple other artists so come see the show!’

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