‘I recently bought a confetti-gun to prank a friend in my office. Sometimes, the girl at the party store insists that it will be quiet like a champagne cork and I found out she was lying by letting it off in the office. I ended up pranking myself because it was so loud and there was a moment of stunned silence and then the whole office erupted into laughter with confetti coming down everywhere.

Joy can be such a catalyst for change. We find moments in our lives that can be a turning point for us, whether things are hard or even if they’re just mediocre. If you look for those moments, you can see that they happen quite often and they can not only improve your life but they can impact the lives of others for good.

My life is significantly smaller without the contagion of laughter. I feel like I don’t get as much out of it if I’m not laughing. I’m a natural caregiver so, when I’m not seeing the joy of life or finding that laughter, I don’t believe I’m living up to my best potential. Where would we be if we had no joy? It adds so much color and light and purpose to our lives.

I think we can and should go through life actually expecting joy. When you get out there and actively seek moments of happiness, you will find them. If you’re losing hope, try to find even some small joy in the moment and watch for the chance to laugh again. It will come. It could be tomorrow or a few days but you will definitely laugh again, even when you least expect it. Maybe that’s what makes it even sweeter…to expect it, hope for it, watch for it, and then, out of the blue, you find it.’

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