‘When I was pregnant with my girls, my biggest dream was and is that they are loved and their autism has never changed that. Our family requires more work than most but we also have so much more joy with them. I get to wake up with morning snuggles and smiles. I get to live in their world and in their special and simple moments. There is nothing fake about my girls. They don’t smile because it’s expected. They smile because they feel it. When they laugh, they are experiencing pure joy and it’s real.

We take life at their pace and we’re not worried about grades or reading levels. We have the freedom to celebrate every victory even if it’s as simple as putting one’s shoes on at almost nine years old. It’s nice to not have to live the prescribed life that society dictates. We just live the best we can and we do it on their terms. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but it has also been the best.

Naturally, there are worries and fears. My children will never live on their own and I don’t know what’s going to happen to them when we get old. They will never be able to take care of themselves and it weighs on us and we often ask ourselves…what will happen to them and who will care for them when we’re gone? Who can love them as much as we do?’

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