‘I started the Gay-Straight Alliance in my high school and that was a real challenge because I knew, statistically, that there were more LGBTQ people in my high school who weren’t out and I wanted to create a space where being who you are is OK. No one has ever really come after me for being who I am. I’ve never had any really super-bad experiences like being bullied. I still, sometimes, feel uncomfortable in a really cis-gendered, straight environment. I think, if everyone lived as themselves, it would be less of an issue. I’m tough and I can deal with pretty much anything but I hope to be an inspiration for someone else who is afraid to express themselves and to be themselves. We are still socially divided and we need to make connections across the aisle. But, I try to be myself as much as I can be and feel comfortable. I hope and pray that I am not a statistic…and that I don’t become a statistic even though I am fully aware that I am in more danger living as myself than if I were to conform.’

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